How technology will drive job growth – Reshaad Sha

The evolution of skills and technology can empower people and create job growth in South Africa.

This is according to Liquid Telecom SA CEO Reshaad Sha, who was speaking at the 2019 MyBroadband Conference.

Sha stated that there are several scenarios which may take place in the future, and their aim is to help enable the scenario where citizens will be “accomplished game changers”.

This will be achieved by merging the rights skills with empowerment actions.

“Women and men with the rights skills are active agents of change,” stated Sha in his presentation.

Using new technologies

Sha said that new technologies – such as machine learning, AI, and advanced robotics – will also impact millions of jobs in South Africa.

These technologies will, however, create hundreds of millions of jobs across the world in the next 10 years.

Businesses must therefore consider the following three questions when it comes to new technology:

  1. Are we ready to embrace the technology?
  2. Do we have the skills to adapt to change?
  3. Are we investing in the skills we need in 5, 10, and 20 years time?

Making matters more difficult in South Africa, though, is the fact that South Africa’s GPD growth is lacklustre.

There has been a significant decline in growth over the past decade, and currently our economy is barely growing.

Liquid Telecom is combating this by driving skills growth with its own initiatives, which will ultimately benefit as an African company having access to skilled employees.

Its extensive fibre network across South Africa and Africa allows it to work towards a connected continent and grow the skills base among citizens where its network touches, added Sha.

This includes partnering with universities and learning institutions to help students understand the benefits of new technologies.

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How technology will drive job growth – Reshaad Sha