How does your salary stack up?

MyBroadband recently published the latest IT salary levels for a variety of fields, giving IT professionals basic guidelines as to what their peers in industry earn.

According to this article, which is based on the recent results from the CareerJunction Index, IT salaries for experienced professionals typically range between R15,000 and R43,000 per month depending on the field and the level of seniority. 

MyBroadband’s latest demographics provide another interesting snapshot of income levels in the IT field.  MyBroadband is currently the premier IT website in the country – attracting 751,000 unique visitors and serving 4.6-million pages in October – and its visitor demographics therefore gives an interesting comparison of income levels in the IT and Internet environment.

According to MyBroadband’s latest Nielsen Online Demographics Report the website is mainly frequented by Internet users between the ages of 18 and 55 of which most are married.  The majority of visitors reside in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. 

Most visitors have achieved a tertiary education qualification, and the majority of users hold professional, technical, administrative and managerial positions.  There is also a large group of business owners and self-employed professionals on the site.

According to the latest demographics 24% of all visitors have an annual household income of over R400,000 per year.  The rest of the income groups are fairly evenly spread between R50,000 per annum to R400,000 per annum.  Around 10% of visitors have an income of less than R50,000 per annum, most likely a result of a fair amount of University students visiting MyBroadband.

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How does your salary stack up?