Paperjet – removing the need to print forms

Are you tired of having to print out PDFs to complete them by hand, sign them, scan them, and then email them back to someone? Former CEO of Web Africa Matthew Tagg has a solution for you.

His new startup called Paperjet, which he founded with his friend Chris Farber in late 2014, allows you to upload forms to a web interface and easily complete, sign and send them off – all online.

Tagg moved to the United States three years ago to join the Silicon Valley startup scene, where he conceived and developed Paperjet.

After spending some time investigating machine learning and psychometrics, he decided to focus on removing the hassles of completing forms.

“I’m often asked to complete forms, and the problem of having to print out and complete them by hand became so annoying we had to fix it,” said Tagg.

Tagg and Farber developed an algorithm which makes the blank spaces in forms editable, allowing you to upload a PDF and start typing immediately like it’s a web form.

Tagg and Farber built the software to also detect checkboxes and individual block letters.

“No other company has the ability to do this,” said Tagg, adding that their system also has tools for digitally drawing your signature and faxing the form from the system.

“Soon we will have more features in making your office completely paperless to improve your admin chores down to a completely digital experience.”

Tagg said that while their initial focus is on completing and signing forms, they are exploring complete document management – looking to take on companies like Docusign.


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Paperjet – removing the need to print forms