Highest paid IT jobs

The field of Information Technology is continuously evolving, something which directly influences the demand and salaries of IT professionals. 

A certain qualification or skill set which was in high demand (and hence resulted in high salaries) a year or two ago can easily decline in popularity in a short period of time and make such a qualification nearly worthless in the current market.

This is one of the main reasons why IT professionals often re-skill or upgrade their qualification to stay ahead of the curve.

The latest CareerJunction Index (CJI) sheds some light on the demand for certain IT skills, and further indicates which IT professionals can demand the highest salaries. 

The following table provides an overview of how difficult it is to find certain IT-related skills in South Africa.

Occupational Field Recruitment Conditions
Business Analysis Very Difficult
Development & Software Difficult
Software Testing Moderate
Systems & Network Administration Easy
Database Administration Very Easy
IT Research Very Easy
Web & Internet Very Easy
IT Management Very Easy

The following table provides an overview of the Top Salary Level (and seniority level where that salary is achieved) per occupational field:

Occupational Field Top salary & seniority level
Business Analysis R51,180.56 (Management)
Development & Software R46,897.85 (Management)
Software Testing R22,347.22 (Mid-level)
Systems & Network Administration R50,392.28 (Management)
Database Administration R37,971.22 (Senior Level)
IT Research R37,500.00 (Senior Level)
Web & Internet R28,247.02 (Senior Level)
IT Management R79,166.67 (Executive Level)

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Highest paid IT jobs