South African car sharing company Locomute to launch soon

South African car sharing company Locomute promises to offer consumers a more tech-savvy and flexible approach to car rentals and transportation.

Locomute allows its members, which it calls Locomuters, to access any of their cars parked throughout South Africa. The locations of available Locomute cars can be found online or through a smartphone app.

Members reserve a car online or via the Locomute App, and to use the car a member swipes a smartcard over a card reader on the windshield.

Locomuters have around-the-clock access to a pool of vehicles located within designated zones, called Locoparks.

“You decide whether you will use the car for a night in town, completing your trip from the Gautrain, or just running errands,” the company said.

“You only pay for the exact amount of time you use the vehicle. Fuel, insurance, and parking are all included, and one-way trips are allowed.”

The service makes it possible for people to rent a vehicle for an hour or two for short trips, instead of renting a car for a day or using mass transit.

Locomute is set to launch on 1 June 2015, at the prices listed below.

Locomute prices
Service Annual Customer Once off Customer
Initiation fee R499 once off / R45 per month R119
Promotional gift A convenience pack consisting of travel accessories
Cost per km R6.80 R6.99
Hourly rate R32.00 R35.00
Cost per km (Usage exceeding 4hrs) R6.99 R7.49
Hourly rate (Usage exceeding 4hrs) R35.00 R39.00

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South African car sharing company Locomute to launch soon