South African tech companies with awesome employee perks

Technology companies are known for their excellent perks, which includes benefits like free food and free child minding services.

Google is one of the leaders in the field, and offers its employees on-site physicians and nurses, free travel insurance, and assistance with studying.

Facebook is also making headlines with its staff benefits, with four months paid parental leave, $4,000 “baby cash”, free meals, and kitchens stocked with snacks.

Not to be outdone, Netflix surprised the corporate world when it announced that it is offering “unlimited” paid time off to employees during their first year as new parents.

This raises the question: What unique benefits do South Africa’s prominent technology companies offer their employees?

Here are some local tech companies whose employees enjoy special benefits.


MWEB – a concierge service, the M-Cave gaming venue, and cool break areas

MWEB offers a concierge service for staff, where someone will collect your laundry, run errands, pay your traffic fines, collect your online shopping, and stand in queues for you.

The company also has an “M-Cave” with eight gaming rigs, Xbox and Playstation consoles, and a few retro arcade games. Its break areas are equipped with pool, foosball, and table tennis tables, and chill-out spaces.



Axxess – free breakfast and lunch, gym facilities, laundry service, and free uncapped Internet

Axxess offers its staff a healthy breakfast and lunch, a comfortable cafeteria, and gym facilities. It also has a laundry service and beer on tap after work on Fridays.

The ISP also offers bottomless Italian coffee and hot chocolate, and uncapped Internet access for all staff.

Axxess office
Axxess office


Cybersmart – bursaries for further studies, free company doctor, free uncapped Internet and calls, and discounted swimming lessons

Cybersmart offers its staff many unique benefits, like study bursaries, assisting staff to get their driver’s licence, and access to a free company doctor.

Other benefits include home-cooked meal on Fridays, discounted swimming lessons from Cybersmart Aquatics, and free uncapped Internet with VoIP calls.

Cybersmart swimming
Cybersmart swimming


Derivco – free breakfast and lunch buffet, on-site gym with trainers, biokineticist and chiropractors, a barber, and a concierge service

Durban-based Derivco offers all staff a breakfast and lunch buffet, and toasted snacks and light meals from its Canopy Café.

The company also has an on-site gym equipped with personal trainers, biokineticists and chiropractors, beauty therapists, and a concierge service.

Derivco canteen
Derivco canteen


Internet Solutions – canteen allowance, flexible working conditions, connectivity benefits, and access to a gym, mini-golf course, and hairdresser

Internet Solutions offers its employees a number of perks, which includes a canteen allowance and connectivity benefits including ADSL, Wi-Fi, and 3G.

The company also offers access to on-premise facilities such as a gym, mini-golf course, hairdresser, and optician. IS also has a wellness centre with a beautician, chiropractor, and a nurse.

The Campus
The Campus, where Internet Solutions is based


Hetzner – excellent maternity benefits, exercise subsidies, free drinks and snacks, and complimentary annual flu vaccinations and vitamin B injections

Hetzner focusses on “creating an environment where staff can succeed” – this includes great maternity benefits and day care subsidies for mothers.

The company also offers free drinks, fruit, and snacks, and an in-house cafe with a selection of sandwiches and soup. Staff also get free flu vaccinations and vitamin B injections, and free web hosting.

Hetzner office
Hetzner office


Webafrica – a special bonus scheme, free breakfast, free Internet access, and great birthday and year-end parties

Webafrica has a special bonus scheme, where all staff get a quarterly bonus when the company hits its targets. All staff also get free Internet access and web hosting.

Webafrica also offers breakfast and lunch allowances, and “awesome birthday and year-end parties, and exciting team building events”.



Vodacom – a wellness centre, great maternity leave, and preferential rates on a variety of services

Vodacom offers its staff preferential rates on many services, like Goodfellas driving service and Reebok products. All Vodacom staff and their spouses get subsidised cellphone contracts.

Mothers get 16 weeks paid maternity leave, and full pay for a 30-hour week for the first six months after their return.

Vodacom’s on-site wellness centre has a GP, optometrist, dentist, chiropractor, and a fitness coach. Massage, spa, salon, and beauty treatments are also available.

Vodacom office
Vodacom office


Neotel – a fully-equipped on-site gym, and an on-site biokineticist to help employees recover from injuries

Neotel offers employees a fully-equipped on-site gym operating from 5am to 8pm to help staff get or stay fit.

The company also has an on-site biokineticist who operates weekly out of the gym for employees recovering from injuries, wanting to improve their health, or for Vitality Health assessments.

Neotel office
Neotel office

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South African tech companies with awesome employee perks