Where South Africans shop online

Research shows that South Africans purchase most of their international goods from North America, and are mainly concerned about safety of online payments and delivery of products.

A recent study conducted in by Ipsos, on behalf of PayPal and FNB, showed a growing interest in online shopping by local Internet users.

The study showed that 22% of South Africa’s Internet users have made purchases online, and 48% expect to do so in the future.

The online shopping trend is not limited only to local purchases – 46% of online shoppers have said they shop outside the country.

33% of online shoppers said they haven’t yet, but are looking to shop across international lines in the future.

This means that as many as 79% of online shoppers in South Africa could be cross-border shoppers in the coming years.

Where do South Africans buy from?

Europe and North America are the most popular regions for cross-border purchases, with the United States of America the most popular country from which to buy goods.

51% of South African cross-border shoppers have purchased goods from North America, followed by 39% having purchased goods from Europe (mainly the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Austria) and 24% from Asia – 18% of which is from China.

The study shows that South Africa’s online cross-border spend in 2015 is set to increase.

22% of cross-border shoppers expect to spend more, 65% expect to spend the same, and 14% expect to spend less.

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Where South Africans shop online