IT salaries in South Africa in 2015

MyBroadband conducted an IT jobs survey in September 2015, which provided insight into the average salaries of South African IT professionals.

The IT jobs survey was completed by 2,219 IT and telecommunications professionals across the country.

The survey results revealed that business analysts, project managers, system analysts, and programmers earn the highest average salaries in the local IT space.

The table below provides an overview of the average basic monthly salary (before tax and other deductions) of IT professionals in SA.

It should be noted that these figures do not include annual bonuses or other benefits which do not form part of an employee’s basic monthly salary.

Average IT salaries in South Africa
Job function 20 to 25 26 to 30 31 to 35 36 to 40 41 to 50 51 to 60
Technical sales R10,756 R18,359 R37,679 R39,444 R50,292
Helpdesk tech support R10,932 R14,799 R17,779 R18,452 R18,842
Education R12,163 R22,907 R31,783 R34,907 R29,500 R28,300
Internet, ecommerce, website management R12,992 R20,137 R31,405 R38,783 R37,929
Designer R13,332 R22,791 R27,900 R32,039 R27,868
IT technician R13,544 R16,850 R20,419 R23,751 R24,308 R29,962
Communications, writer, media R14,643 R20,403 R20,822 R30,000 R31,000 R33,375
Systems administration R15,332 R22,162 R33,906 R31,492 R44,243 R46,927
Network engineer or other networking R15,950 R21,565 R32,213 R28,070 R45,649 R38,902
Database design and administration R16,338 R31,397 R42,080 R47,122 R49,998 R54,917
Software tester R17,693 R27,461 R35,721 R39,158 R45,270 R58,188
Mobile app developer R20,144 R33,465 R41,092 R41,167 R62,500 R40,694
Security expert or specialist R20,953 R33,098 R33,522 R43,833 R52,333 R60,000
Web developer R20,978 R31,038 R39,901 R41,544 R46,355 R41,271
Systems analyst R21,758 R34,261 R44,507 R52,630 R58,991 R66,350
Programming and software development R22,208 R37,543 R45,519 R53,488 R53,498 R50,256
Business analyst R23,058 R38,085 R47,554 R53,864 R58,547 R51,550
Middle management R23,500 R33,138 R40,661 R47,224 R60,273 R59,652
Project management R25,064 R34,974 R41,026 R41,196 R52,435 R49,429
Executive or Top Management R52,699 R65,928 R74,571 R78,384 R93,750

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IT salaries in South Africa in 2015