Steve Jobs wasn’t fired from Apple

Former Apple CEO John Sculley and the board of directors did not push Steve Jobs out of the company, according to co-founder Steve Wozniak. Jobs left of his own accord.

Wozniak was responding to a recent post by Robert Scoble about Aaron Sorkin’s new Steve Jobs biopic, starring Michael Fassbender.

Although Wozniak was complimentary of the film’s accuracy, he said there were some aspects it got wrong.

“One thing nobody likes to point out is that John Sculley, as well as almost all of us at Apple, believed that the Macintosh was Apple’s future,” wrote Wozniak.

They sacrificed the growing personal computer market, which he said grew 10-fold over a decade, because of this belief. Microsoft then captured all that growth, he said.

With Sculley leading, they had to work to make the Macintosh as financially successful as the Apple ][ was, following Jobs’ vision.

“It was a business decision to save Apple as a company, after the stock dropped by a third in about a day when the Macintosh failed to sell due to not much software,” said Wozniak.

“Steve Jobs wasn’t pushed out of the company. He left.”

Wozniak said he supported Jobs in his belief that he was made to create computers.

“He was great at productising and marketing the Apple ][ and the revenues financed the failures of Apple ///, LISA, Macintosh and NeXT.” This is not shown in the movie.

“After the Macintosh failure it’s fair to assume that Jobs left out of his feeling of greatness, and embarrassment about not having achieved it. That is not shown either.”

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Steve Jobs wasn’t fired from Apple