The best degrees to study to become a South African tech CEO

If you want to reach the top in an organisation, most leaders will tell you the same thing: work hard, show initiative, continuously improve on your skills, and never stop learning.

But even if you do all of these things, if you do not have the right qualification you will find it much more difficult than your peers to become a CEO.

According to statistics from the United States’ Bureau of Labour, a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is highly recommended to move up the corporate ladder.

A further business administration qualification, like an MBA, is also a great way to complement your experience as a manager.

But all degrees are not the same, which raises the question: Which qualifications are the best to help you to reach the top?

MyBroadband looked at the qualifications of some of South Africa’s top telecommunications and technology CEOs, and certain degrees carried more weight than others.

Most tech and telecoms CEOs completed a BSc Engineering or BCom degree. Many chief execs also complemented their first degree with an MBA or related business qualification.

The qualifications of South Africa’s top tech CEOs are listed below.

Executive Qualifications

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The best degrees to study to become a South African tech CEO