MWEB Business is gone, folded into Ignite

Internet Solutions has announced the launch of Ignite, a suite of technology solutions aimed at small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Ignite is a combination of three existing Internet Solutions (IS) divisions: MWEB Business, IS Ignite, and IS Direct.

Dimension Data, the parent of IS, signed a deal on 22 September 2014 to buy MWEB Business, and Optinet Services and Network Divisions from MWEB Connect – a Naspers company.

SME clients can select from a range of Internet connectivity, communication, cloud, payroll, accounting, and recruitment services.

Sign-up happens quickly and without paperwork, said IS, adding that there is no contract lock-in.

Services are billed via a pay-as-you-use model and support is provided by face-to-face client managers, or by the 24/7 call centre.

“As an SME’s business requirements change, they can add or cancel services immediately without worrying about time to connect or notice periods, from the office or from the road, with no ICT expertise required,” said the head of Ignite, Tony Koutakis.

“SMEs often have lean, low-cost operations where less bureaucracy means decisions are made quickly. We built Ignite to mirror the agility and quick-to-market ethos of our clients, simplifying the use of ICT services.”

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MWEB Business is gone, folded into Ignite