South African IT companies that pay the highest salaries

The IT companies which pay the highest salaries in South Africa are Vodacom, Broadband Infraco, and the SABC.

This is according to the latest data available from the annual reports and financial results from technology and telecommunications companies in South Africa.

While state-owned enterprises list the average personnel cost per employee, JSE-listed companies typically do not provide this information.

To calculate the average compensation per employee for JSE-listed companies, we used the company’s total staff bill and divided it by the total number of employees.

It should be noted that the calculation may not take bonuses, car allowances, long and short-term incentive schemes, seniority, and tenure into account.

Highest average salaries from South African IT companies

The figures show that, with the exception of Vodacom, state-owned companies pay higher salaries than JSE-listed enterprises.

The SABC paid their management particularly well, with its 14 top managers each earning R2,671,000 per year on average.

The 69 senior managers at the state broadcaster also did not do badly, with an average salary of R1,586,490 each.

The figures in the infographic below detail the average annual compensation per employee by company.

Average Employee Compensation

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South African IT companies that pay the highest salaries