Crime in South Africa is messing up your shopping experience

Crime is influencing nearly every sector of South Africa’s society, forcing people to live behind high walls and implement extreme measures to limit their chances of becoming a victim.

South African businesses, especially brick-and-mortar stores selling high-value electronic goods, also have to take measures to stop theft.

Apart from the scourge of shoplifting and armed robbery, shops also have to guard against theft by their employees.

It is now commonplace for electronics stores to have full-time security guards who check every purchase as shoppers leave the shop.

This, however, is not always enough. Many stores keep valuable items like smartphones and tablets under lock and key, where the item can only be fetched after payment.

While we have grown accustomed to this treatment in SA, it can ruin a shopping experience which should be easy and pleasant.

The graphic below, which uses a prominent South African technology retailer as an example, shows how crime has influenced your shopping experience in the country.

How Crime Messed Up Shopping In South Africa

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Crime in South Africa is messing up your shopping experience