What South African workers hate the most in the office

Employees value good coffee more than safety, and hate loud colleagues in the office.

This is according to a recent survey of 12,000 office workers in South Africa.

The survey detailed the things workers like best and hate most about their workplace.

Richard Andrews, Managing Director of Inspiration Office, said the survey threw up surprising findings.

“We asked what the most important thing was in the workplace, and 95% said good tea and coffee,” he said.

The most important things in the workplace were:

  • Access to good tea and coffee – 95%
  • Security – 91%
  • A healthy environment – 87%
  • Natural light – 85%
  • Greenery – 71%
  • Canteens – 65%
  • Comfortable chairs – 52%

The poll also quizzed people on their biggest annoyances in the workplace.

Top of the list was loud colleagues, followed by colleagues who “smelled up the place” by eating lunch at their desk. Third was “unbearable bosses”.

  • People talking loudly on the phone/making a general ruckus – 88%
  • People who eat lunch at their desks, smelling up the workspace – 76%
  • Bad bosses – 66%
  • Lack of privacy – 50%

Other office dislikes were dreary office spaces, long meetings, dress codes, and working hours.

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What South African workers hate the most in the office