Best online shop in South Africa

The 2017 MyBroadband Online Shopping Survey has revealed that Takealot is the best online shop in South Africa.

The survey was completed by 1,915 people, the majority of whom were IT professionals and tech-savvy individuals.

93.11% of respondents had purchased a product or service online in the past 12 months, and were asked about their online shopping experiences.

Takealot took first place in the “best online shop” and “spent most money with” categories.

Takealot was also the most popular store, in terms of online shops used by South Africans in 2017.

The tables below detail the results of the survey. Stores with less than 1% of the vote were excluded.

Best online shop in South Africa

Respondents were asked to vote for who they thought was the best online shop in SA.

Online Shop Respondents
Takealot 57.34%
Raru 3.29%
Superbalist 3.24%
Wootware 2.98%
Loot 2.77%
Makro 2.35%
Yuppiechef 2.19%
Zando 1.93%
Woolworths 1.88%
Evetech 1.83%
OneDayOnly 1.57%
Pick n Pay 1.41%
Rebel Tech 1.25%
Spree 1.20%

Online shops used in 2017

Respondents were asked to select the online shops they had used in 2017. Multiple selections were allowed.

Online Shop Respondents
Takealot 78.80%
Makro 20.05%
Loot 19.74%
OneDayOnly 16.66%
Zando 12.85%
Superbalist 12.53%
Raru 11.75%
NetFlorist 11.70%
Woolworths 10.60%
Spree 9.66%
Evetech 8.93%
Pick n Pay 8.62%
Yuppiechef 8.36%
Mr Price 7.89%
Wootware 7.89%
Incredible Connection 7.05%
Dion Wired 6.11%
Rebel Tech 5.90%
BT Games 5.43%
iStore 4.65%
HiFi Corp 3.24%
CNA 2.92%
Sportsmans Warehouse 2.87%
Exclusive Books 2.61%
Matrix Warehouse 2.25%
Wantitall 2.09%
Digicape 1.20%

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Best online shop in South Africa