Adverts or crypto-mining – You choose

Salon is giving readers who use ad-blockers a choice – disable ad-blocking or use their computer’s unused resources to mine cryptocurrencies.

Salon said it pays its bills through advertising, and through this revenue it is able to offer its content for free to readers.

Ad-blockers are breaking the unwritten relationship which Salon has with its readers, however, where they get free content in exchange for adverts.

“Ad-blockers cut deeply into our revenue and create a more one-sided relationships between reader and publisher,” said Salon.

To solve this problem, the publisher is using the reader’s PC for lost ad revenue.

“Your computer can help support our ability to pay our editors and journalists.”

Readers who use ad-blockers are now met with a splash screen which gives them an option: Turn off your ad-blocker or mine cryptocurrencies (Monero).


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Adverts or crypto-mining – You choose