The Huawei executive who repaired phones in high school

Akhram Mohamed is the Marketing Director for Huawei South Africa, where he oversees the company’s strategy for the local market.

Mohamed is passionate about his job at Huawei and has worked hard for many years to reach his current position.

His interest in telecommunications first developed in high school, where he nurtured an interest in mobile phones and began to repair mobile devices as a hobby.

“Over the years my interest turned into a passion, which led to me taking various junior roles to gain experience, and I have been in the tech industry ever since,” said Mohamed.

Mohamed’s first job was as a salesman at a small clothing retailer in Durban.

“I was paid R20 a day, which wasn’t much, but it formed the basis of my education on the state of customer experience in South Africa and I promised myself I would make a positive difference,” he said.

Moving up

Hard work and the ability to take on opportunities when they were presented then helped Mohamed to move up through the ranks within the tech industry over the last 14 years.

“I believe that when opportunities present themselves to prove your capability, you need to take the challenge.”

He said that young people who would like to advance their career should have clear, defined goals while remaining humble and treating everyone with respect.

“You don’t need to be the most feared person in the office,” said Mohamed.

“If you are of good character and work hard with honesty and integrity, success is bound to come.”

Mohamed said the best aspect of his current position is being able to do what he is passionate about, and get paid for it.

“I don’t think there is really anything I dislike about my job.”

“Sometimes I wish I could have more quality time with my family, but apart from that I love what I do.”

Mohamed’s tech and business choices

Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design 4

Which smartphone do you use?

Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS – It truly is my office in my pocket and it looks spectacular, so that’s definitely a bonus.

Which laptop do you use?

Huawei Matebook X.

What is the best gadget you have ever bought?

Google Home Smart speaker.

What is the worst gadget you have ever bought?

An Apple iPad, not the most practical decision I’ve ever made.

What Internet connection (fixed broadband) do you have at home?

Vumatel 50Mbps fibre.

What is the best investment you have ever made?

Starting a family, they keep me grounded.

What is the worst investment you have ever made?

My cars.

What is the best business book you have ever read?

Shoe Dog By Phil Knight.

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The Huawei executive who repaired phones in high school