OneDayOnly’s discounts tested

The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) recently ruled that a discount promised by online shopping website OneDayOnly was misleading.

OneDayOnly advertised a Berlinger Haus 6-Piece Knife Set for R259, and listed the regular retail price as R1,700.

One consumer felt that the subsequent promised discount of 85% was misleading, as the same knife set was available in other shops for between R450 and R499.

The ASA found that OneDayOnly inflated the retail price, and that its advertising was misleading.

MyBroadband investigates

To see whether OneDayOnly’s discounts are inflated, MyBroadband investigated the issue.

We selected three tech products from OneDayOnly’s deals and compared the discounted price with the retail price at competing shops.

What we found was that OneDayOnly’s deal prices were lower than normal retail prices, but its listed “Retail” prices were higher than standard retail prices on one occasion.

The table below show the results of the investigation.

One Day Only Deals
OneDayOnly Price Retail Promised Discount Actual Retail Actual Discount
Muvit Bling 15000mAh Power Bank R349 R600 42% Cheaper R599 42% Cheaper
Beurer Exclusive Glass Scale with Voice Function R599 R1,050 43% Cheaper R1,049 43% Cheaper
Google Home Mini R899 R1,800 50% Cheaper R999 10% Cheaper

One Day Only explains

One Day Only stated that its approach is, and always has been, to offer customers good deals at great prices.

“We take every necessary step to ensure the retail prices reflected are accurate,” said One Day Only spokesperson Jane Walters.

She said wherever possible, they take the retail price directly from their suppliers.

“It allows us to run their products at a discount determined by their list price,” said Walters.

In cases where the seller is unable to supply a retail price, OneDayOnly’s buying team does comparative market research and from this they establish a retail price.

“The supplier then signs off on the deal, including the listed price and savings percentage,” she said.

OneDayOnly’s market research is always conducted the day before it runs the deal in question, to ensure the retail pricing indicated is current.

“Often after deals have been featured on OneDayOnly, other online sites can and do vary their pricing, depending on a number of factors.”

“It is very important to note that we only offer products for a 24-hour period and that our advertising is therefore not updated thereafter.”

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OneDayOnly’s discounts tested