South African online shops tested – with unexpected results

Online shopping is rapidly growing in South Africa, with more consumers using ecommerce shops to purchase a wide range of products.

While the market share of online shopping in South Africa is only around 1% of the total retail market, it is expected to grow to 4% by 2021.

This growth is partly a result of improved Internet penetration in the country, and online retailers making it easier to shop online.

There is also a much larger variety of goods available online today, which is thanks to retailers such as Incredible Connection and Makro launching ecommerce shops.

Why users select certain shops

A recent South African online shopping study found that customers were, in general, positive towards the online shops which they were using.

The study showed that four main factors influenced a consumer’s decision to support an online shop:

  • Store offerings – The choice of products and the price at which the products are offered.
  • Navigation aids – The usability of the website and how easy it was to use the online shop.
  • Security concerns – How safe users felt to share their personal and credit card details.
  • Fulfilment reliability – Whether you will receive your purchase when it was promised.

Fulfilment tested

While it is easy to compare prices or see whether you like using a certain website, it is more difficult to know how long you will wait before receiving your package.

MyBroadband therefore decided to test the fulfilment of prominent South African online shops which sells technology products.

The shops which were tested were Takealot, Loot, Raru, Matrix Warehouse, Game, Dion Wired, HiFi Corp, and Incredible Connection.

MyBroadband ordered a popular tech product which was in stock from each of these stores, and then recorded how long it took to receive the product.

The results

The products were ordered on 25 July 2018 between 15:30 and 16:30, and four stores delivered the products the next morning: Incredible Connection, HiFi Corp, Matrix Warehouse, and Raru.

What was unexpected was that three traditional brick-and-mortar retailers had a better delivery time than most of the online retailers.

Raru was the only pure-play online store which delivered the product on the day after it was ordered.

The table below provides an overview of the delivery time from the online stores which were tested.

Delivery Time
Shop Ordered Delivered Time (rounded off)
Incredible Connection 25 July 15:00 26 July 10:51 20 hours
HiFi Corp 25 July 14:58 26 July 10:51 20 hours
Matrix Warehouse 25 July 14:50 26 July 11:28 21 hours
Raru 25 July 14:51 26 July 12:15 21 hours
Takealot 25 July 14:53 27 July 08:47 42 hours
Game 25 July 15:09 27 July 13:50 47 hours
Dion Wired 25 July 15:06 27 July 14:17 47 hours
Loot 25 July 14:55 30 July 12:18 117 hours

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South African online shops tested – with unexpected results