South African IT salaries in 2018 – How much people really get paid

MyBroadband’s 2018 IT Salary Survey results reveal that IT professionals in South Africa earn relatively high salaries, especially senior employees.

The survey was conducted in September and was completed by 2,695 respondents.

To ensure an accurate reflection of how much IT professionals and executives earn, various filters were applied to eliminate entries which were unlikely to be a true reflection of local salaries.

Average IT salaries

The average salary for IT professionals and executives in South Africa in 2018 is:

  •  R42,673 per month up from R41,455 in 2017.

Other interesting information which emerged from the 2018 IT Salary Survey includes:

  • 74% of IT professionals received a salary increase in 2017/2018.
  • The average salary increase in 2017/2018 was 8.7%.
  • 60% of IT professionals received a bonus last year.
  • 55% of IT professionals think they are fairly paid, while 43% think they are underpaid, and 2% think they are overpaid.

IT salaries in South Africa

The survey results also provide an overview of salaries (gross monthly value without bonuses) for prominent IT professions – as detailed in the table below.

The data below must be interpreted as follows:

  • Entry-level – Salary of a qualified professional with little relevant experience (10th percentile).
  • Experienced – Salary of a professional with relevant experience (25th percentile).
  • Mid-level – Salary of a professional with between 5-10 years relevant experience (median).
  • Senior – Salary of a professional who has progressed to a senior level (75th percentile).
  • High-end – Salary of someone who is very senior and considered well paid (90th percentile).

It should be noted that the results contain salaries from IT professionals working in small and large companies in South Africa.

Employees who work in large corporates in Gauteng and Cape Town can expect to earn more than people working at SMEs in smaller towns.

Gross Monthly Salary
Profession Entry-level Experienced Mid-level Senior High-end
C-Level Executive R43,800 R67,500 R85,000 R110,000 R138,200
IT Manager R25,000 R33,000 R50,000 R70,000 R89,754
Consultant R19,629 R28,250 R50,000 R68,250 R84,467
Programming R24,000 R35,000 R48,333 R64,000 R80,000
Database Design and Administration R21,750 R30,711 R48,000 R69,150 R89,500
Security R19,091 R27,875 R48,000 R62,082 R88,000
Project Management R20,000 R27,500 R44,000 R70,000 R84,200
Analyst R20,000 R33,066 R42,000 R52,625 R72,000
Mobile App Development R14,000 R18,613 R33,000 R52,125 R60,667
Communications and Media R8,500 R14,000 R32,554 R66,250 R75,000
Systems Administrator R16,564 R21,000 R30,000 R42,000 R55,600
Sales and Marketing R9,800 R15,000 R30,000 R48,000 R59,100
Networking R13,400 R18,000 R29,700 R75,000 R72,900
Design and Animation R13,200 R18,750 R28,750 R42,750 R83,250
Education, Training and Research R7,250 R20,000 R28,500 R38,163 R81,194
Web Development R13,000 R19,750 R28,000 R50,000 R54,000
Tech Support R8,360 R12,000 R17,600 R25,000 R30,000

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South African IT salaries in 2018 – How much people really get paid