How Liquid Telecom is enabling entrepreneurs in South Africa

Liquid Telecom’s vision of connecting every major city on the continent to a fibre network will help facilitate entrepreneurship and GDP growth, according to Liquid Telecom South Africa CEO Reshaad Sha.

Speaking at the 2018 MyBroadband Conference, Sha said the connectivity platform Liquid Telecom is building is crucial for the growth of business in Africa.

“The core objective of this connectivity platform we have built is to enable businesses and entrepreneurs on the continent,” Sha said.

“Entrepreneurs drive many economies around the world, enabling the GDP growth that we so seldom experience.”

He noted that in South Africa, many new businesses fail within the first five years, but entrepreneurs continue to undertake the daunting task of starting a company.

Sha said that there are multiple factors that can affect the success of a new business, one of which is its ability to scale.

Scaling to success

“The ability to scale must be phenomenally high for a startup to succeed,” Sha said.

“Today, entrepreneurs are spoilt for choice. They have access to a plethora of tools to start a business and scale their operations.”

He stressed the importance of partnerships with digital service providers, which allow business to provide sufficient services to their customer base.

“Partnering with a digital service provider has become not just necessary, but compulsory,” Sha stated. “The customer experience enabled by a digital service provider needs to be infallible and frictionless.”

Most successful new businesses in the last couple of years have had access to a high-speed connectivity platform, cloud connectivity, and other services, which Sha said allows them to maximise their service delivery.

As a digital service provider, Liquid Telecom is positioned to partner with startups and entrepreneurs and enable their ability to grow and scale their operations.

“The role we play in the market is to evolve that customer experience to the extent that businesses get access to a capabilities which need to be scalable to the extent that they can go from 100 customers to 100 million customers in a matter of weeks without worrying about what backend infrastructure they need to build,” Sha said.

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How Liquid Telecom is enabling entrepreneurs in South Africa