The best-paying jobs in South Africa

CareerJunction has released its latest South African salary survey, which details which jobs in South Africa pay the highest salaries.

The salary review provides a “true representation of cost-to-company salary packages in South Africa”, said CareerJunction. It added that the information is based on “up-to-date salary information using actual salary offerings on our website for the latest measurable period – May to November 2018”.

Sectors covered in the report include engineering, IT, marketing, finance, manufacturing, medical, construction, sales, and more.

The report further details the salary differences between regions – KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, and the Western Cape – per sector, with Gauteng regularly offering higher salaries than the other regions.

Biggest salaries in SA

To find out which jobs offer the highest salaries in South Africa, based on CareerJunction’s figures, we took top-paying jobs from each of the covered sectors and listed them in the table below.

Certain sectors have more positions listed than others, due to the fact that multiple jobs in that sector offer high salaries in comparison to all the positions listed.

Positions are their sector along with their “intermediate” and “senior” salary ranges are listed.

Sectors which played host to several high-earning jobs were finance, construction and engineering, and IT.

The top-paying job, based on the top end of the senior salary range, was financial management – reaching R79,002 per month.

SA Salaries
Position [Sector] Intermediate Senior
Financial Management [Finance] R58,557 – R69,185 R66,956 – R79,002
Structural Engineering [Construction] R30,917 – R41,778 R55,072 – R78,264
Plant Management [Manufacturing] R51,891 – R70,286 R57,051 – R72,583
Civil/Structural Engineering [Engineering] R32,388 – R43,902 R53,994 – R70,826
Corporate Lending [Finance] R36,759 – R51,354 R56,218 – R70,218
IT Management [IT] R48,059 – R58,371 R55,718 – R66,141
Civil Engineering [Construction] R37,179 – R46,212 R50,525 – R65,621
Mechanical Engineering [Engineering] R35,516 – R45,471 R44,642 – R59,587
Financial Analysis [Finance] R45,908 – R52,506 R50,587 – R59,110
Industrial Engineering [Engineering] R34,763 – R43,624 R44,143 – R57,573
Marketing Management [Marketing] R42,729 – R52,917 R45,267 – R56,275
Technical & Business Architecture [IT] R40,485 – R48,897 R46,939 – R56,160
Electronic Engineering [Engineering] R37,552 – R52,969 R40,833 – R54,861
Building Foreman [Construction] R27,093 – R34,667 R39,286 – R54,792
Chartered Accountant [Finance] R44,359 – R51,438 R47,248 – R54,435
Business Analysis [IT] R35,560 – R42,236 R43,429 – R54,138
Software Development [IT] R36,374 – R44,306 R42,118 – R53,782
Consulting Engineering [Construction] R31,587 – R41,508 R40,465 – R53,527
Systems Analysis [IT] R34,722 – R44,484 R43,311 – R53,194
Data Analysis & Data Warehousing [IT] R34,231 – R43,158 R45,392 – R52,974
Sales Management [Sales] R34,965 – R43,085 R41,055 – R52,890
IT Project Administration & Management [IT] R36,590 – R47,387 R41,707 – R52,517
Asset Management [Finance] R30,651 – R40,646 R44,940 – R52,317
Logistics Management [Logistics] R41,767 – R46,960 R40,906 – R52,048
Electrical Engineering [Engineering] R36,654 – R47,852 R45,135 – R51,054
Brand Management [Marketing] R35,357 – R40,821 R41,017 – R50,625
Pharmacist [Medical] R32,932 – R40,087 R37,743 – R46,025

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The best-paying jobs in South Africa