Double-check your Mugg and Bean bill before paying with your smartphone

A MyBroadband reader recently contacted us with feedback about paying his restaurant bill using his smartphone.

The restaurant in question was Mugg and Bean, and he was using Zapper for the first time to pay his bill.

On the printed bill he received, there was a Zapper QR code which he scanned with his smartphone – with the app open.

This was detected by the app and the total he owed was populated, after which he was prompted to pay in the app.

As the reader was going through the process slowly to see how it worked, he noticed that the total showed by the app was different to the amount he owed.

The bill for his order was R63.80, while the total in the app was R71.78. This is shown in the image below.


Automatic tip

The reader said he assumed the extra amount, which is 12.5% above the price, was an automatic tip.

He said he had no problem adding a tip to the bill, but stated he was not informed that a tip was automatically added when paying – nor could he see an option to adjust the tip amount up or down.

To find out how Mugg and Bean’s tipping policy works, MyBroadband contacted the restaurant to find out more. Answers from a company spokesperson are below.

Who decides the tip amount/percentage – is this at the discretion of each restaurant?

This is a Zapper setting.

Can customers remove the auto-tip amount, or adjust it up or down, once it is presented to them when they pay?

The consumer can change the tip amount down to 0% or higher than 12.5% if they prefer – or type in their own amount if they want to.

Are customers informed an automatic tip is added to their bill when paying with Zapper?

There is a payment screen that offers the tip option.

Full details

As Mugg and Bean’s feedback was somewhat vague, MyBroadband contacted Zapper find out how its system works.

The company told MyBroadband that the merchant – Mugg and Bean in this case – decides whether to enable the auto-tip functionality on their system.

“The default tip amount is 12.5% if it is enabled at a merchant level. However, the merchant is able to override this default tip value for their establishment,” said Zapper.

It added that customers can also adjust the tip amount up or down to a pre-set value, or enter a custom amount.

“In the next app release we are updating the default from 12.5% to 10% tip, regardless of what the merchant elects to set it at – unless they set it to 0%,” said Zapper.

“The purpose of this update is to protect users from paying a higher than average tip in the event they did not realise a tip was applied, while still affording them the opportunity to adjust it higher if they are aware and choose to do so.”

Zapper said the intention of the auto-tip function is to make the user experience quicker and simpler.

“We are, however, aware that this has at times caught users unaware, which was never the intention – and as such we are currently working on some adjustments to the tip functionality and UX to make users more aware of the tip that has been applied.”

“We are also considering adding an option in the settings view for users to elect their own default tip amount.”

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Double-check your Mugg and Bean bill before paying with your smartphone