South African IT salaries in 2019

Michael Page has released its South African salary survey for 2019, detailing salary trends across a variety of industries.

The recruitment consultancy said the South African labour market is unpredictable, and despite the emergence from a recession the unemployment rate remains as high as it was in 2017.

A positive outlook is expected for 2019 however, with the unemployment rate expected to decrease as international investment improves.

The salary survey found that salaries and bonuses have continued their trend of steadily increasing to meet inflationary pressure, and skilled workers in South Africa are able to command higher salaries due to a low supply of talent.

IT salaries

The Michael Page South African 2019 salary survey reflects the minimum, maximum, and average salaries for a variety of positions – including those in the technology sector.

Separate figures are reflected for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and multinational corporations (MNCs), with the latter generally providing larger average salaries across all positions.

For example, the chief technology officer of a South African SME can earn between R1 million and R1.4 million, while the salary for the same position can vary between R1.1 million and R1.8 million and an MNC.

The table below details the findings of the 2019 South African salary survey.

Salaries SME MNC
Position From Average To From Average To
Chief Information Officer (CIO) R1,200,000 R1,350,000 R1,600,000 R1,400,000 R1,650,000 R2,200,000
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) R1,000,000 R1,200,000 R1,400,000 R1,100,000 R1,450,000 R1,800,000
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) R1,100,000 R1,250,000 R1,400,000 R1,400,000 R1,500,000 R1,600,000
IT Director R900,000 R1,400,000 R1,500,000 R1,400,000 R1,650,000 R2,200,000
Head of IT R900,000 R1,400,000 R1,500,000 R1,400,000 R1,650,000 R2,000,000
IT Manager R800,000 R900,000 R1,200,000 R900,000 R1,300,000 R1,400,000
IT Security
IT Security Manager R900,000 R1,000,000 R1,100,000 R1,100,000 R1,300,000 R1,600,000
IT Security Engineer R700,000 R800,000 R900,000 R900,000 R950,000 R1,000,000
IT Security Analyst R400,000 R400,000 R550,000 R450,000 R500,000 R600,000
IT Applications Director R1,000,000 R1,100,000 R1,400,000 R1,100,000 R1,300,000 R1,600,000
Business Applications Manager R800,000 R850,000 R950,000 R1,000,000 R1,200,000 R1,500,000
Applications Developer R400,000 R650,000 R1,200,000 R400,000 R700,000 R1,200,000
Technical Consultant R600,000 R900,000 R1,100,000 R700,000 R900,000 R,200,000
Business Analysis and Project Management
Head of Project Management R1,100,000 R1,200,000 R1,400,000 R1,300,000 R1,500,000 R2,000,000
Business Intelligence Manager R600,000 R850,000 R1,000,000 R1,200,000 R1,500,000 R1,600,000
IT Business Partner R700,000 R800,000 R1,000,000 R900,000 R1,000,000 R1,400,000
Programme Manager R800,000 R900,000 R1,000,000 R1,100,000 R1,400,000 R1,700,000
IT Project Manager R600,000 R650,000 R800,000 R800,000 R950,000 R1,200,000
Senior IT Business Analyst R600,000 R700,000 R800,000 R500,000 R800,000 R1,200,000
Business Analyst R400,000 R500,000 R600,000 R400,000 R600,000 R900,000
BI Analyst R400,000 R500,000 R650,000 R500,000 R650,000 R900,000
Chief Enterprise Architect R1,000,000 R1,200,000 R1,300,000 R1,200,000 R1,400,000 R2,000,000
Enterprise Architect R900,000 R1,000,000 R1,100,000 R1,100,000 R1,300,000 R1,700,000
Senior Information Architect R800,000 R900,000 R1,000,000 R800,000 R1,000,000 R1,500,000
Information Architect R700,000 R800,000 R900,000 R800,000 R850,000 R1,200,000
Network Manager R500,000 R600,000 R750,000 R800,000 R900,000 R1,200,000
Network Architect R450,000 R700,000 R800,000 R800,000 R900,000 R1,300,000
Network Engineer R300,000 R350,000 R650,000 R300,000 R400,000 R800,000
Network Administrator R200,000 R250,000 R500,000 R300,000 R350,000 R600,000
Data Administration
Data Architect R900,000 R950,000 R1,200,000 R1,200,000 R1,200,000 R1,700,000
Data Analytics Manager R700,000 R950,000 R1,200,000 R1,200,000 R1,400,000 R1,600,000
Data Scientist R700,000 R800,000 R900,000 R800,000 R1,200,000 R1,600,000
Database Administrator R650,000 R750,000 R950,000 R700,000 R850,000 R950,000
Database Developer R500,000 R650,000 R900,000 R500,000 R750,000 R900,000
Data Analyst R400,000 R500,000 R700,000 R400,00 R500,000 R8,000,000
Technical Services
Technical Support Manager R500,000 R650,000 R700,000 R500,000 R700,000 R800,000
Application Support Analyst R500,000 R600,000 R700,000 R500,000 R600,000 R800,000
IT Support Engineer R300,000 R400,000 R500,000 R300,000 R500,000 R600,000

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South African IT salaries in 2019