Huawei rewards employees for stealing trade secrets – Report

A report by The Information claims to shed light on how Huawei allegedly steals trade secrets from companies such as Apple.

According to the report, the staff member in charge of Huawei’s smartwatch project once arranged a meeting with the supplier of Apple’s heart rate monitor under the guise of offering them a significant contract.

The report alleges that the main goal of the meeting was to glean information about the Apple Watch.

According to a source: “The Huawei team spent the next hour and a half pressing the supplier for details about the Apple Watch.”

Another example of Huawei’s alleged attempts to steal information is that the company presses job applicants who previously worked for Apple to provide information about the company’s upcoming projects.

The US government has now filed criminal charges against Huawei, claiming that it has stolen trade secrets and committed bank fraud.

It also alleges that Huawei has a formal programme that rewards its employees for stealing information, rewarding staff more if the information is confidential.

Huawei said that “in conducting research and development, Huawei employees must search and use publicly available information and respect third-party intellectual property per our business-conduct guidelines”.

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Huawei rewards employees for stealing trade secrets – Report