Chaos and employees demanding tips – OR Tambo responds

MyBroadband recently reported on an immigration system failure which caused huge delays for passengers.

Passengers boarding international flights subsequently queued behind the check-in desks of Terminal A, with the line of passengers stretching all the way to Terminal B.

Airport staff moved throughout the line attempting to get passengers onto their flights on time, while others took the opportunity to ask people for tips in return for helping them make it through immigration in time for their flights.

At the time of reporting on this issue, Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) did not provide comment on the problem, but OR Tambo management has subsequently released a statement on the issue.

“Extremely angry”

Management of OR Tambo International Airport said it would ensure that it cracked down on employees who ask passengers and airport visitors for tips.

Airport management is angry about the alleged conduct of staff members on Sunday, as reported by MyBroadband, when a breakdown in Home Affairs systems caused queues of departing passengers to back up into the terminal building, said airport spokesperson Nangamso Jacobs.

“While the system that broke down is owned and managed by the Department of Home Affairs, the people who provided assistance in managing the queues are employees of Home Affairs and the airport who are trained and briefed to help when something such as this happens,” Jacobs said.

“We are therefore extremely angry that some employees allegedly demanded tips when performing the tasks for which they are paid salaries.”

Jacobs added that where the airport identifies specific individuals who make these demands, it will take disciplinary action.

“Further, all customer-facing employees will again be warned that they are not permitted to ask any passenger or visitor to the airport for tips,” she added.

“They will also be reminded of the potential consequences should they break this rule.”

The airport said it would examine CCTV recordings of the incident reported on by MyBroadband and apologised to all passengers affected by similar conduct.

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Chaos and employees demanding tips – OR Tambo responds