South African IT and telecoms companies that pay the highest salaries

The IT and telecommunications companies which pay the highest salaries in South Africa are ICASA, the SABC, and Vodacom.

This is based on the latest data available from the annual reports of JSE listed companies and state-owned enterprises.

While state-owned enterprises list the average personnel cost and average salary per employee, JSE-listed companies like Vodacom, MTN, and Telkom do not provide this information.

Instead, MyBroadband used the company’s total staff bill and divided it by the number of employees to get the average salary per employee.

Highest average salaries ICT companies

The figures show that, with the exception of Vodacom, state-owned companies pay significantly higher salaries than large JSE-listed telecommunications companies.

This is particularly strange, as many state-owned enterprises struggle to make a profit and often ask the government for bailouts to stay afloat.

The table below shows the average salaries of prominent state-owned and listed ICT companies in South Africa.

Average Salaries
Company Employees Average Salary
ICASA 361 R783,966
SABC 3,414 R744,000
Vodacom 7,554 R741,329
Broadband Infraco 137 R661,723
Sentech 538 R658,447
Blue Label Telecoms 831 R630,791
Telkom 18,286 R597,014
MTN 18,835 R504,646

Top management salaries

The annual reports also shed light on the average salaries of top managers at these companies.

It should be noted that the salaries for Blue Label Telecoms, Vodacom, and MTN’s top management are not listed because they do not report the income of all its top managers.

Top Management Average Salaries
Company Top Managers Average Salary
Telkom 12 R12,214,171
SABC 9 R2,790,000
Sentech 10 R2,114,528
ICASA 12 R1,849,525
Broadband Infraco 4 R1,794,250

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South African IT and telecoms companies that pay the highest salaries