Big growth for Huawei and Apple in South Africa

StatCounter’s latest data shows that Huawei and Apple have seen substantial growth over the past year in South Africa.

The data showed that Huawei ‘s share of the smartphone market grew from 16.66% in May 2018 to 22.9% just one year later.

This growth continues a strong upward trajectory for Huawei after the company only had an 11.26% market share back in May 2017.

Apple has also seen significant gains over the past year, growing from 11.17% to 14.87% since May 2018.

This could be due to the launch of the iPhone Xs and Xr ranges in September and October 2018, as Apple’s market share increased from 11.28% in August 2018 to 16.27% in November 2018.

Samsung has held its ground atop the South African smartphone market, increasing its market share from 43.66% in May 2018 to 43.71% in May 2019.

The biggest losers in the South African smartphone market include Vodafone – which saw its market share nearly halve over the past year – and LG, which saw its market share fall by around a third.

Other smartphone brands that also saw significant losses include Hisense, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson.

Tablet market share

Apple dominates the South African tablet market and has shown significant growth over the past year, increasing its market share from 43.52% to 54.01% over the past year.

This has come at the expense of Samsung, which has lost nearly 3% of the market since May 2018.

Lenovo lost more than half of its share of the tablet market, while Google saw a huge decrease in tablet market share, from 0.62% to just 0.07%.

Trusting big brands

These statistics indicate that South African consumers place a high priority on using a brand that is well-known and popular.

Samsung, Huawei, and Apple have large international reputations, being the dominant three smartphone brands globally. These brands are particularly dominant in the western world where the closest global competitors like Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo do not have a large presence.

South Africans appear to value the reputations of these brands more than the general global market, where Apple and Samsung both saw their market shares decrease since May 2018.

StatCounter’s smartphone market share statistics over the past year are reflected in the graph below.

Smartphone marketshare may 2018 - may 2019

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Big growth for Huawei and Apple in South Africa