It’s a great time to be a software developer in South Africa

Current economic conditions in South Africa may not be too favourable for new job seekers, with unemployment still high and companies running on tight budgets.

However, the flood of skilled workers leaving the country presents a unique opportunity for young professionals with marketable skill-sets.

According to research from CareerJunction, the most sought-after skills in South Africa include software development, middle management, and sales consulting.

Graduates and young professionals with these skills, especially software development, are in very high demand locally.

This means they may be able to bring in better salaries and have their pick of positions at major tech companies.


The CareerJunction Index for June 2019 shows that software developers are the most in-demand professionals on the South African careers platform.

Uptake of 28% in software development jobs was evident over the last month, the company found.

Additionally, Information Technology (IT) remains the sector with the most demand for labour, although the supply of skilled IT professionals is comparatively low.

This makes IT the best market sector to be in as a skilled professional in South Africa right now if you are looking for the best job opportunity possible.

CJI Demand vs Supply

Effect on salaries

It isn’t only the number of available jobs which are an attractive result of the skilled IT professional shortage in South Africa, but also improved salaries and benefits.

In frantic bids to acquire qualified IT professionals, South African banks are reportedly paying skilled IT employees up to 30% more just to retain them.

Tech talent marketplace OfferZen also noted a significant demand for skilled IT workers and stated that companies are not just offering higher salaries to attract professionals.

“Competitive salaries and comprehensive performance rewards are definitely playing an important role,” OfferZen said.

The data and employment figures show that while skilled workers are leaving the country in droves, there are definitely reasons to stay if you are a skilled IT professional.

Software developers, system engineers, administrators, and more can find great jobs in South Africa, provided they have the skills to fill the gap left by emigrating workers.

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It’s a great time to be a software developer in South Africa