Don’t be afraid to shop at Dion Wired

Massmart is consulting unions about the potential closure of the Dion Wired franchise, but it has assured customers that it will continue to support purchases made from the retailer.

While the reported plan is for Massmart to shutter all of its 23 Dion Wired stores around the country, the retail chain is currently still open and trading.

Dion Wired continues to stock hi-tech appliances and send out promotional emails to customers, and many South Africans would like to buy products from the store.

However, a number of potential shoppers are concerned about the validity of their purchase’s warranty or guarantee if Dion Wired is closed.

MyBroadband spoke to Massmart about Dion Wired warranties and guarantees, and the company said it was committed to delivering after-sales support even after the potential closure of Dion Wired.

Massmart commits to support

Massmart said that if the closure of Dion Wired does happen, it will find a way to deliver the same level of after-sales support through other mechanisms.

This means that should you purchase a product from Dion Wired, its warranty or guarantee will still be honoured by Massmart, said the company.

“In the event that the closures – which are dependent upon the outcome of Section 189 consultations – go ahead, then an option would likely involve honouring Dion Wired after-sales transactions through Game stores,” Massmart said.

“We would, however, only take a decision and develop the appropriate process once the Section 189 consultation process has been concluded.”

“Suffice to say that Massmart will ensure, regardless of the mechanism, that we will honour our after-sales commitments to Dion Wired customers in the event that the Dion Wired store closures go ahead,” the company said.

This after-sales support would include warranties, guarantees, repairs, and returns.

Massmart also told MyBroadband that the after-sales support it would provide to customers in the event of Dion Wired’s closure would include extended warranties.

Game and other branches

Dion Wired is not the only one of Massmart’s franchises faced with job cuts and store closures, however – Masscash is also affected.

The Masscash division consists of the Jumbo Wholesale, Jumbo Shield, Rhino Cash and Carry, and Cambridge Food wholesale outlets.

11 of these Masscash outlets may also be closed.

1,400 employees could be affected by job cuts and store closures across the entire group.

Massmart operates a range of well-known retailers in South Africa in addition to the companies listed above – including Makro and the “Builders” stores.

Game, Makro, and other brands in Massmart will not be affected by the potential job cuts – which could make them ideal channels for serving previous Dion Wired customers.

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Don’t be afraid to shop at Dion Wired