You can now buy cigarettes – but only with essential goods in the Western Cape

The Western Cape Government has published a new article which gives clarity to businesses on the rules related to the lockdown.

“Central to our strategy to support businesses and the economy in the Western Cape is helping businesses understand and adapt to the lockdown regulations,” said David Maynier, minister of finance and economic opportunities in the Western Cape Government.

He said their strategy is aimed at helping as many businesses as possible to continue to operate during this challenging time.

He has therefore been in regular contact with the national government and the South African Police Service in the Western Cape to get clarity on the regulations.

CIPC certificate not required for an essential service

Maynier informed businesses which provide an essential service in the Western Cape that a CIPC certificate is not a legal requirement for them to operate.

“The CIPC certificate, which can be obtained on the website, is not compulsory and is not a requirement of the lockdown regulations,” he said.

He warned that if your business continues to operate during the lockdown and is not providing an essential service, however you are committing a criminal offence.

“Law enforcement will close your business and may even arrest you, regardless of whether you have the CIPC certificate or not,” he said.

Businesses can continue to operate if their your staff can work from home during the lockdown, though.

Clearing up uncertainty

To clear up prevailing confusion about which stores are able to remain open to provide essential goods, Maynier provided the guidelines below.

  • Grocery stores can stay open and include large retail chains, smaller corner grocery stores, fruit and veg shops, butchers, and convenience stores at filling stations.
  • Cigarettes may be sold during the lockdown, but only together with essential goods.
  • Pet and veterinary stores are permitted to be open. They may only sell animal food and animal medicines.
  • Health food shops that sell food, hygiene products or cleaning products are permitted to be open. If open, these stores may only sell essential goods.
  • Cellphone shops are not allowed to be open. They would only be allowed to sell airtime, and this can be bought at any grocery store, spaza shop, or online.
  • Money lending businesses are not permitted to be open.
  • Businesses can deliver essential goods to people’s homes, but they can’t deliver hot meals or any non-essential goods to people’s homes.

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You can now buy cigarettes – but only with essential goods in the Western Cape