Here are South Africa’s tech companies which pay the highest salaries

MultiChoice, Vodacom, Eskom, and the SABC pay the highest average salaries in South Africa, ranging between R762,000 and R896,000 per year.

These findings emerged from an investigation into the compensation of employees at South Africa’s largest IT and telecommunications companies.

For this analysis, MyBroadband looked at the latest employee information shared in the annual reports of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and JSE-listed ICT companies.

While state-owned enterprises typically report their average employee salaries, JSE-listed companies do not.

For JSE-listed companies, we divided employee remuneration – which includes salaries and bonuses – by the number of employees.

Our analysis found that employees at South African ICT companies are generally well-paid.

The average salary at South Africa’s top IT and telecoms companies is R611,000, well above the country’s average of R22,500 per month.

This should not come as a surprise. There is a shortage of engineering, IT, and telecommunications skills in South Africa, which means companies have to pay top dollar to attract these skills.

IT and telecoms companies also typically employ a higher ratio of skilled professionals and can, therefore, expect to pay higher average salaries.

Average salaries at South African ICT companies

The latest salary statistics revealed that state-owned enterprises typically pay higher average salaries than their private counterparts.

There are, however, two exceptions – MultiChoice and Vodacom. They pay the highest average salaries at R896,000 and R838,000 per year, respectively.

The table below provides an overview of the number of employees and the average salaries of these employees at South Africa’s SOEs and top tech companies.

South African SOEs and Tech Companies
Company Employees Average Employee Salary
MultiChoice 6,894 R895,561
Vodacom 7,641 R837,587
Eskom 46,665 R785,557
SABC 3,167 R762,000
Sentech 531 R702,326
SAA 10,071 R654,453
Telkom 15,099 R630,969
Broadband Infraco 155 R613,794
Denel 3,696 R580,357
MTN 19,288 R549,565
Adapt IT 1,088 R530,800
EOH 10,578 R462,982
Altron 9,113 R440,579
Mustek 960 R360,656
Reunert 6,220 R353,698

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Here are South Africa’s tech companies which pay the highest salaries