How Takealot handles warranties on big-ticket items

Takealot has apologised for a mix-up regarding the warranty on a customer’s Samsung washing machine and refunded the expenses that the customer incurred as a result of the issue.

This followed a complaint sent in by a MyBroadband reader, which we took up with Takealot for further investigation.

The customer complained that he had been struggling for over two months to get their washing machine repaired or replaced under warranty.

Over the course of 60 days, he had logged four separate support requests to try and return the machine for evaluation.

For each of the first three attempts, couriers were booked and scheduled to pick up the machine but did not arrive. At the fourth attempt, Takealot informed the customer that he needs to bubble-wrap the corners of the washing machine to prevent it from being damaged in transit.

After buying the bubble wrap from Takealot, the next support representative the customer spoke to said that Takealot could not handle the warranty return.

The washing machine was covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, Takealot said, and the customer must go directly to Samsung.

Takealot investigates

“After looking into the complaint we’ve discovered that a listing error unfortunately set in motion the incorrect processing of his return,” Takealot told MyBroadband.

The Samsung Washing Machine should have been listed as a Direct Warranty product in Takealot’s system, which would have automatically triggered the correct returns process.

With Direct Warranty products, Takealot puts the customer in contact with the supplier, which in this case was Samsung.

Due to the listing error, Takealot’s Standard Warranty process was incorrectly triggered when the customer logged the return. This prompted the Takealot Returns Department to try and make arrangements for the collection of the washing machine.

“The listing error has since been corrected and we’re investigating how this error occurred so that the necessary steps can be put in place to try and prevent this from happening again.”

Takealot apologises

Takealot said that it was in contact with the customer and his family to apologise for the poor experience and inconvenience caused.

“We can confirm that Samsung was on-site to repair the washing machine. We will also be refunding him for the unnecessary expense he incurred in purchasing bubble wrap.”

The customer confirmed to MyBroadband that Takealot called him, offered to refund him for the bubble wrap, and that he received immediate service from Samsung to repair the washing machine.

He also said that he realised his mistake in not contacting Samsung directly.

How Takealot warranties work

MyBroadband asked Takealot about the warranties it offers, and the company explained that it services three different kinds of warranties where defective products are concerned:

Standard Warranty

Facilitated by Takealot if a return is lodged within six months after taking receipt of the product and Takealot determines what remedy is offered to the customer.

Extended Supplier Warranty (stipulated on product page)

Facilitated by Takealot if the return is logged outside of the Standard 6-month Warranty period and within the stipulated Supplier Warranty period after taking receipt of the product.

Takealot will facilitate the approved return of a product to the supplier at no charge.

Extended Supplier warranty claims are determined by and subject to whatever terms and conditions the supplier or manufacturer may impose. The supplier or manufacturer determines what remedy is offered to the customer.

Direct Warranty (stipulated on product page)

A direct warranty product is a product for which the relevant manufacturer wishes to manage defective returns itself, directly with the customer, and not through Takealot.

The level of Takealot’s involvement in Direct Warranty claims is limited to supplying a customer with the relevant manufacturer’s contact details after a customer has logged a return on within the stipulated Direct Warranty period, except where refunds have been approved.

The relevant manufacturer will assist the customers as per their terms and conditions and determine what remedy is offered to the customer. In the event of a refund being approved by the manufacturer, it will be processed by Takealot.

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How Takealot handles warranties on big-ticket items