Salaries in South Africa – How much companies are paying in 2020

2020 has been a turbulent year for businesses and employees in South Africa with the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown resulting in retrenchments and salary cuts.

While the IT and telecommunications industries have been more shielded from the economic downturn than most other industries, they have not emerged unscathed.

Many IT companies, including EOH, Adapt IT, and Cell C, were forced to implement salary cuts to ensure their financial sustainability.

Many large ICT players, including BCX and Liquid Telecom, have also issued Section 189 notices to employees, which means they are looking at retrenchments.

Considering the impact of the lockdown on companies, it is not surprising that the demand for labour plummeted this year.

According to the CareerJunction Index (CJI), which tracks the labour market in South Africa, the demand for skills across most industries is down significantly since March.

Hiring activity has decreased significantly for ICT and engineering professionals after the lockdown kicked in.

While there has been some recovery, it is slow and many job seekers continue to struggle to find employment.

The September 2020 report highlighted that hiring activity remains at a reduced level for professionals in ICT, cleaning, maintenance and repair, and marketing.

Salaries in South Africa

While recruitment activity is depressed in many industries, many companies are still looking for skills and are employing new staff.

Using its extensive database of job adverts, CareerJunction publishes monthly updates on the hottest jobs and the salaries associated with these jobs.

These “trending jobs” provide an indication of positions that have become more popular in the online job market and have seen a recent spike in demand.

CareerJunction provides a basic salary range – cost to company (CTC) – for these skills in Gauteng, the Western Cape, and KwaZulu-Natal.

The table below shows the average salaries in these three provinces for trending jobs in 2020.

It should be noted that the “from” range does not represent an entry-level salary and that the “to” range does not represent a high-end senior salary.

Instead, these salaries are a typical range of mid-career employees.

IT Salaries in South Africa in 2020
Systems / Network Administration From To
Gauteng R32,929 R44,761
Western Cape R32,598 R40,455
Kwazulu-Natal R34,667 R38,704
Software Development From To
Gauteng R35,397 R47,223
Western Cape R35,828 R48,328
Data Analysis / Data Warehousing From To
Gauteng R49,569 R62,341
Western Cape R43,070 R54,565
Management Salaries in South Africa in 2020
Executive Management / Director From To
Gauteng R81,812 R108,122
Western Cape R55,147 R107,467
Kwazulu-Natal R63,296 R101,786
Senior Management From To
Gauteng R64,335 R80,931
Western Cape R53,285 R66,508
Kwazulu-Natal R50,297 R58,505
Middle / Department Management From To
Gauteng R50,303 R61,943
Western Cape R44,356 R54,574
Kwazulu-Natal R42,755 R53,578
Team Leader and Supervisor From To
Gauteng R23,708 R31,956
Western Cape R25,321 R28,361
Kwazulu-Natal R18,009 R24,921
Business Salaries in South Africa in 2020
Admin Clerk From To
Gauteng R12,698 R15,985
Western Cape R11,425 R14,123
Kwazulu-Natal R8,995 R11,200
Financial / Project Accounting From To
Gauteng R32,856 R41,163
Western Cape R29,106 R34,444
Kwazulu-Natal R30,476 R39,463
Bookkeeping From To
Gauteng R17,753 R21,545
Western Cape R18,722 R22,395
Kwazulu-Natal R17,188 R22,656
Business Development From To
Gauteng R32,571 R41,246
Western Cape R27,190 R33,381
Kwazulu-Natal R31,698 R42,976

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Salaries in South Africa – How much companies are paying in 2020