The most in-demand skills in South Africa revealed

The latest CareerJunction Index (CJI) report revealed that data analysts and data warehousing are the two fastest-growing fields in South Africa with a strong demand for these skills.

The CJI report is based on data gathered from the CareerJunction website and monitors the labour market in South Africa by examining supply and demand trends.

The December 2020 report shows the most sought-after skills in South Africa include software development, middle and department management, and sales consultants.

Information technology remains the sector where there has been the most hiring activity over the last year. Other strong performing sectors include business, management, and finance.

Expanding further on the findings, CareerJunction MD Paul Byrne said there has been an upsurge in some jobs during lockdown, including business analysts, data analysts, and data warehousing.

He said there are many roles within IT which have been growing year-on-year, which is a very positive sign for the local economy.

“Data warehousing roles, for example, are up 86% in terms of job advertisement over the last year,” said Byrne.

Entrepreneurial type jobs, employee and industrial relations positions, and operations and infrastructure consulting jobs have also seen growth.

Actuarial scientists and consumer lending skills are in high demand in the finance sector, while artisans, boilermakers, and machinists are sought after in manufacturing.

Byrne said these demand trends are not surprising considering where the economy has been going over the last year.

He added that a different skillset is required to perform well in the new remote working environment, which will drive requirements from companies in future.

The type of jobs which are currently showing growth are all in the fields which are expected to grow in future:

  • Information technology
  • Business management
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing and assembly

“These are all of the jobs we have seen coming through in our report, in addition to medical positions,” he said.

“What we have experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic is an acceleration into the future world of work.”

Paul Byrne interview

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The most in-demand skills in South Africa revealed