What’s Next – In conversation with Jonathan Hurvitz

Jonathan Hurvitz is a registered Chartered Accountant and the Chief Executive Officer at Teljoy, a leading online retailer offering electronics, furniture, and even gym equipment on a rent-to-own basis.

Teljoy was the first company in the country to supply TV sets commercially and has since expanded its range to various other products.

Hurvitz has experience in a wide variety of businesses which has enabled him to accelerate his career to where he is today at Teljoy.

Prior to his appointment as CEO in 2019, Hurvitz also served as the Financial Director and Financial Manager at Teljoy.

He also worked as the Financial Manager at Denny Mushrooms before joining Teljoy.

In this interview, Hurvitz shares his outlook of the rental economy in SA and how Teljoy brings the major benefits of rent-to-own to South African customers.

Hurvitz also discusses the impact that COVID-19 has had on the rental economy in South Africa.

He explains how rent-to-own works in practice and expands on some of the trends in this space that we are likely to see in 2021.

The full interview with Jonathan Hurvitz is embedded below. You can see all What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou interviews here.

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What’s Next – In conversation with Jonathan Hurvitz