5 important things happening in tech today

A global malware attack lasting three years stole over 1.2TB of user data from web browsers, messaging apps, email clients, file sharing tools, and some gaming clients.

New anti-trust laws against tech companies could prohibit Apple from preventing users from removing pre-installed Apple apps from iPhones.

Amazon has revealed that over 200 million fake reviews were posted on its platform in 2020, and the company laid the blame on social media companies.

Facebook will begin streaming ads inside its Oculus Quest virtual reality headsets.

According to a report, an estimated 90% of central banks are working towards creating their own digital currencies.

Here is what is happening in the tech  world today:

  • Malware runs rampant: Between 2018 and 2020, a Trojan-type malware stole 1.2TB of personal information from over 3 million Windows devices, as published in an analysis by Nordlocker. It infected machines through email, illegal copies of Adobe Photoshop, a Windows cracking tool, and cracked games. Throughout the three-years the following was stolen: 26 million login credentials from near a million websites, 2.2 billion cookies, and 6.6 million files.

  • iOS bloatware must be removable: 5 new laws that would impose strict regulation on big tech companies were proposed in the US last week. According to Bloomberg, one of these laws would force Apple to allow users to remove its pre-installed apps from iOS devices. However, the bill will not prevent these apps to be installed in the first place. As reported by Ars Technica, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that due to Apple’s extreme scrutiny with apps and the iOS App Store itself, Android devices have 47 times the malware that iOS devices have.

  • Amazon flooded with fake reviews: The US company published a report yesterday, revealing that over 200 million fake reviews were posted to its store in 2020 alone. Amazon states that these reviews are often solicited outside of the Amazon platform, often on social media. In the first three months of 2021, the company reported over 1,000 groups working on social media to generate reviews on the Amazon platform. The company says that the responsibility is on social media companies to control and regulate this on their platforms before it affects Amazon.

  • Facebook bringing advertising to VR: As reported by Reuters, Facebook has announced that it will begin to stream ads in the Facebook-owned Oculus Quest headsets. After initial testing, the company says it will begin to expand ads based on user feedback, with the aim of creating a “self-sustaining platform” for VR development.

  • Digital currency being developed by banks: Digital currencies are being developed across the globe, with over 90% of central banks working on their own currencies according to the Economic Times. Reuters hosted a series on digital currency in its Global Market Forum last week, and according to industry experts, Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) would be similar in structure to fiat currencies that dominate global finance, and could be complementary to cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance as a whole. Digital currency could also make the transmission of fiscal policy more effective.

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5 important things happening in tech today