Getting a refund from Wish for fake products is surprisingly easy

A recent test by MyBroadband revealed that it is surprisingly easy to get a refund from Wish when you receive fake products.

MyBroadband purchased a 1TB memory card and a 2TB flash drive from Wish, but what we received was a far cry from what we paid for.

Testing these devices using H2testw revealed that their actual capacity was 16GB and not the promised 1TB and 2TB.

Armed with this information, we contacted Wish support to ask for a refund.

The process was simple. We explained to the Wish agent that the product did not deliver what it promised by providing a screenshot from the H2testw results.

The agent also requested a picture of the actual product that we received, and in one case, the agent also wanted a picture of the shipping label.

After this, the agent gave us the choice of refund as Wish Cash or a refund on the payment method we used (Paypal in this case). We chose to have it refunded to the original payment method.

A few minutes after the discussion with the Wish agent, we received emails from PayPal regarding the refund for the total amount, including shipping.

This experience should give people some confidence in shopping at Wish. While the product may not be what was promised, the after-sales service is top-notch, and a refund is relatively easy to get.

The images below show the emails we received from Paypal.

The refunded amounts for the memory card and flash drive were $15.00 and $12.00, respectively.

The total purchasing amount of $67 shown includes another product we bought from Wish which we hadn’t returned.

Wish refunds

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Getting a refund from Wish for fake products is surprisingly easy