Best Black Friday deals in South Africa — 2014 to 2020

With Black Friday just over a month away, many South Africans will be preparing their bank accounts and credit cards to score big deals.

Numerous South African retailers participate in the annual shopping craze, and this year is set to be no different.

Retailers like Makro, Game, Takealot, Loot, OneDayOnly, Everyshop, Wootware and DreamwareTech have confirmed they will have big Black Friday offers available during November.

MyBroadband looked at some of the best Black Friday deals we previously covered or published in the MyBroadband forum.

Below are some of the best deals we found from the last few years.

55-inch Samsung UHD TV — 3,000 Vodacom bucks (free when you buy R3,000 airtime)

Several Vodacom customers scored big Black Friday deals in 2019 using VodaBucks on the Vodacom app.

One of the offers was a 55-inch Samsung UHD TV for 3,000 VodaBucks.

At the time, buying R1 of airtime awarded the customer with one VodaBuck.

Multiple MyBroadband forum members bought R3,000 of airtime, got the VodaBucks, and ordered their TVs. Effectively, they were getting them for free. There was also a 40-inch Samsung HD TV for 2,000 VodaBucks.

Ford Mustang GT — R729,900 (R130,000 off)

Bidvest McCarthy offered significant discounts on new cars during Black Friday 2017. These included R46,000 off a Ford Ecosport 1.5 Ambiente and R130,00 off a Ford Mustang 5.0 GT.

Samsung Galaxy S10 models — Starting from R9,999 (R6,000 off)

Samsung South Africa shaved R6,000 of all Galaxy S10 models during Black Friday 2019, the same year of their release. Shoppers could get the S10e for R9,999, the standard S10 for R12,999, and the S10+ for R14,999.

Nintendo Switch Bundle — R4,699 (R4,300 off)

Vodacom had only a handful of device deals during its Black Friday 2019 promotion, but they were among the best in that year.

Among these was a Nintendo Switch bundle for R4,699, a discount of R4,300 at the time. Currently, the Switch retails for R6,999, which means it would still be a special deal today.

Free Rain 5G router on a 24-month contract

Rain 5G routers are typically only available on a free-to-use basis, which means you don’t get to keep them if you cancel.

During Black Friday in 2019, the operator ran a promotion that let customers keep the Huawei 5G CPE router, worth R3,450 at the time, if they took up a 24-month contract.

This cost only R1 more per month than the R999 Premium package.

12-month Showmax subscription — R199 (R989 off)

Cellucity sold Showmax annual subscription vouchers for R199 in 2018. Typically, the video streaming service costs R99 per month.

Showmax prepaid headline

Xbox One S 1TB with two controllers — R4,199 (R2,199 off)

In 2018, Game sold the Xbox One S 1TB console for R3,499 with one controller or R4,199 with two.

Those deals offered respective discounts of R1,899 or R2,199. The Xbox One S 1TB now sells for R9,999 on Takealot.

PlayStation 4 — R3,999

Sony’s big Black Friday deal in 2016 was for the standard PlayStation 4 console at R3,999. That’s R2,300 less than its launch price three years earlier and around R3,000 less than it currently sells for.

Travelstart flight deals — Starting from R199

Travel agencies and airlines also join in on the Black Friday action. Travelstart has done this on several occasions. In 2016, it offered big discounts on various domestic and international flights.

These included R199 for flights to Cape Town and Johannesburg, R3,999 for return flights to Mauritius, and R5,999 for return flights to London.

Palit GeForce RTX 2060 OC — R5,999 (R2,400 off)

While Wootware’s Black Friday offer of R5,999 for an RTX 2060 graphics card might not have appeared appealing in 2020, many a gamer would be grateful for that price today.

DJI Mavic — R5,999 (R15,000 off)

Another big Vodacom deal in 2019 was on a DJI Mavic drone for R5,999, which retailed for R21,000 at the time.

The catch was that it was only available to five customers.

Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini — R1,499 (R2,000 off)

The oldest good Black Friday deal we could find was an incredible smartphone special in 2014 on the Samsung SIII Mini from, the once-popular online store that merged with Takealot in 2015.

Kalahari sold the smartphone for R1,499 — R3,100 less than it cost at launch under two years earlier.

Glenlivet Malt Scotch Whisky — R399,000 (R150,000 off)

Affluent whisky enthusiasts might have jumped at the chance to get a bottle of Glenlivet Scotch Whisky on this big Black Friday deal from Makro in 2018.

The typical South African more likely felt that R399,999 is perhaps better spent on a medium-sized SUV.

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Best Black Friday deals in South Africa — 2014 to 2020