PayFast back online after major outage

PayFast is back online after being down for most of payday, the company has announced.

“On 25 April 2022, PayFast experienced technical difficulties at our data centre. This affected our services, including payment processing,” the company stated.

“Our team has been working around the clock to minimise the impact on our merchants and customers. All payment processing is operational again, and we continue to monitor the system.”

A MyBroadband reader contacted MyBroadband on Monday evening, identifying themselves as an owner of a small business that relies on PayFast for online payments processing.

“At around lunchtime [on 25 April], I became aware that my clients could not make payments using PayFast,” he said.

“We thought at first this was our problem, but then, several hours later, found that PayFast was still down, and they were experiencing a major outage on this, one of the busiest days of the month.”

The business owner complained that PayFast only offered “the vaguest of explanations” on its status page.

During the outage, the status page said payment processing was unavailable, and technicians were working on it.

“What really enrages me is that they didn’t offer us, the merchants, any warning or even had the common courtesy of sending us an email so that we could take action on our side,” the business owner stated.

“So now they’ve caused my business, and no doubt thousands of their other clients, major financial damage, with no clear explanation of what their problem is or when they will be back up again.”

MyBroadband asked PayFast what caused the outage, but the company did not answer the question.

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PayFast back online after major outage