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Google’s Android phone OS is just a couple of years old but has already captured users’ minds. And in the less that 18 months since the launch of the Android App Market, more than 30 000 applications for the platform have been added to the marketplace. This is not nearly as many as Apple’s iPhone app store but it is increasing rapidly. Almost 10 000 apps have been added to the Android market since December last year.

With so much to choose from we took a look at some of the most popular and the best of the Android apps available.

Photoshop Mobile

Who would have thought? Photoshop on your phone. Adobe’s Photoshop Mobile lets you browse your photos on your phone, crop them, adjust their colours, rotate them, all from a simple interface. This is mobile picture editing on steroids and if you have a account you can also upload the pictures for safe-keeping. Unfortunately Photoshop Mobile doesn’t work with the likes of Flickr but for editing and posting images, it does everything else you could want.


Astrid is the ultimate to-do list manager. Astrid can be used to create tasks with notes, deadlines, reminders, tags and priorities. Input is straightforward and reminders can be set in any form. Astrid can also sync with online site and prompts you with human-like reminders at regular intervals: “Let’s get this done”. Tasks can also record time spent on each of them so Astrid also acts like a time-logger for billing hours. If you have stuff to do then Astrid is the best at keeping you organised.

Advanced Task Killer

Closing applications in Android can be a right royal pain. So much so that it’s often easier not to bother about it. The problem is, however, that over time your phone becomes sluggish and takes ages to do anything. Advanced Task Killer (ATK) is one of many applications available to close open applications but is one of the best. Using ATK is straightforward: open it up, choose the applications you want closed and hit the “kill” button. In just a couple of clicks you can free up the phone’s memory for better jobs.


Paperdroid is an Android client for the popular ReaditLater service which stores online articles you want to read and makes these available to you on your Android phone. Originally an extension for the likes of Firefox ReaditLater, it bookmarks articles you don’t have time to read now so that you can get back to them later. The free client downloads copies of your chosen articles so you can read them on the go. The paid for version offers a few additional features but the free version is pretty good as it is.

Note Everything

Note Everything is a must-have note-taking application. It’s easy to use but its simplicity belies its power. Notes can be text-based using the built-in keyboard, or they can be voice recordings or even paint notes. Notes can be organised in folders, re-arranged, and sent to contacts. Voice notes can also have text notes attached to them. For storing the bits and details of your day as you go along, Note Everything is a must have.

All these applications are available from the Android Market.

Best Android apps << do you know of any good Android Apps?

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Best Android apps