Unlimited data SIM for R170 – Telkom steps in

Data Sim was planning to launch a new Telkom Mobile-based unlimited data SIM for R169.99, which offered unlimited data, 10GB Wi-Fi data, and R50 airtime per month. However, Telkom stepped in before the commercial launch.

The new Telkom Mobile unlimited data SIM planned by Data Sim would have been pre-loaded with R180.00 credit “so you can start using it immediately”.

According to the Data Sim website, the service offered unlimited Internet browsing, social media site use, Facebook videos, Skype video calling, and file downloads.

Many services were blocked, including YouTube, porn sites, movie and music downloads, and malicious sites.

“This is not a contract and you can cancel any time by not paying the next month’s fee,” said Data Sim founder Saeed Moosa.

This planned service followed the company’s first unlimited data SIM, which used MTN’s network and was discontinued after MTN cut off its APN.

Asked whether the new Telkom-based service was here to stay, Moosa said it could never be guaranteed.

“No company can guarantee any product or service when received from another company. Other companies can amend their terms and conditions at any time,” said Moosa.

Data Sim website
Data Sim website

Telkom responds

Telkom said it was not immediately aware of Data Sim or its products as it has no commercial or business relationship with the company.

“A further look into the matter has revealed that Data Sim is in fact a customer to one of Telkom’s newly appointed APN resellers,” Telkom said.

However, the use of the Telkom name and brand elements, without Telkom’s permission, in the marketing material of Data Sim was a contravention of the agreement they had with Telkom’s APN reseller.

“In addition, Telkom is unable to support the products of third parties that wish to use our network; especially in the absence of thorough scrutiny of the business models that would support the offering,” Telkom said.

“This applies to the commercial offerings of the APN resellers that we appoint and the products of their customers.”

As such, Telkom has approached the defaulting reseller and asked that they move to retract the offering from the market.

“This retraction is pending applications via the agreed upon channels for approval as per the reseller agreement.”

Telkom has since been informed by the APN reseller that its reseller agreement with Data Sim has been revoked.

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Unlimited data SIM for R170 – Telkom steps in