New MTN prices revealed

MTN is introducing revised subscription rates for its contract and data plans, and is reviewing its prepaid data bundle prices (Also see: Massive MTN price hikes: how much more you will pay).

MTN said it has not increased contract subscription prices for over a decade despite rising input costs.

The company added it also had to invest substantially in generators and back-up batteries to power its base stations during power outages.

“All these cumulative costs have compelled us to review pricing as the last resort,” said MTN.

MTN said in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act and its Subscriber Agreement terms and conditions, it will give its subscribers 20 working days’ notice prior to effecting the price changes for contract customers.

The new prepaid data bundle pricing kicks in on 23 April, while the new post-paid prices take effect from 13 May.

The following table provides an overview of MTN’s new prices.

Package/Price Plans New subscription
Minute 25 R 45
Minute 50 R 80
Minute 100 R 145
Minute 200 R 290
Minute 350 R 420
Minute 500 R 600
Minute 1000 R 1 050
MyMTNChoice TopUp R 55
MyMTNChoice TopUp R 110
Anytime Classic and TopUp R 55
Anytime Classic and TopUp R 110
Anytime Classic and TopUp R 210
Anytime Classic and TopUp R 370
Anytime Classic and TopUp R 525
Anytime Classic and TopUp R 800
Anytime Classic and TopUp R 1 300
Anytime Classic and TopUp R 1 600
Data Plan 20MB R 15
Data Plan 100MB R 30
Data Plan 300MB R 40
Data Plan 500MB R 55
Data Plan 1GB R 85
Data Plan 2GB R 139
Data Plan 3GB R 209
Data Plan 5GB R 309
Data Plan 10GB R 519
Data Plan 20GB R 1 045
Rush Hour 10MB bundle R 1.50
Rush Hour 50 MB bundle R 5
Daily 20MB bundle R 3
Daily 50MB bundle R 7
Daily 100MB bundle R 12
24 Hour Uncapped bundle R 40
Weekly 50MB bundle R 10
100MB Weekly bundle R 15
300MB Weekly data bundle R 35
500MB Weekly data bundle R 45
1GB weekly data bundle R 65
1GB fortnight data bundle R 89
20MB monthly data bundle R 12
50MB monthly data bundle R 25
100MB monthly data bundle R 35
300MB monthly data bundle R 75
500MB monthly data bundle R 105
1GB monthly data bundle R 160
2GB monthly data bundle R 260
3GB monthly data bundle R 330
5GB monthly data bundle R 430
10 GB monthly data bundle R 650
20 GB monthly data bundle R 1 250
MTN Sky R 2 099
MTN Prestige R 1 899

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New MTN prices revealed