Cheapest and best cellphone contracts in South Africa

South African cellphone bill optimising company Tariffic has released its Q2 2015 “Perfect Package Tracker” report, which shows the cheapest and best cellphone contracts in the country.

The report also details the “real effects” of price and package changes by local operators offering postpaid contracts, using Tariffic’s proprietary tariff optimisation software.

To provide real-world examples of which cellphone contract would suit a user, the company also gives user scenarios using four hypothetical cellphone owners.

A summary of the price and package changes by the networks over the last quarter is detailed below.

  • Vodacom and MTN price increases  In the past few months we’ve seen Vodacom and MTN hike their rates for many postpaid contracts.
  • MTN price increases are the most impactful  MTN also increased the prices of its data bundles, the overall effect of its rate hikes seem to be more impactful to users than Vodacom’s.
  • My MTN choice packages provide flexibility  Because of the flexibility of MTN’s My MTNChoice packages, the price changes often result in consumers having to re-align their entire package.
  • Cell C offering less value on Straight Up  The reason for this is that Cell C decreased the amount of data it offers with Straight Up packages by half.

User scenarios and best packages

The hypothetical users used by Tariffic to show consumers which package they should select are detailed below.


Chris has a Blackberry. He calls his wife a few times every day and uses his phone for a handful of business and personal calls during the week. He’s an inconsistent data user, some months using almost nothing and other months using up to 600MB. At the start of 2015 Chris spent on average R1,200 per month.


Susanne works in public relations and is constantly attached to her Samsung smartphone. She’s always on the phone with her clients and friends and uses quite a lot of data, especially when she’s travelling around the country to meet her clients. Susanne is pretty good at keeping it in bundle and at the start of 2015 spent around R2,100 per month.


Dineo is an attorney and uses her iPhone for work calls and email only. Dineo uses a lot of minutes every month, but manages to keep her data use quite minimal. At the start of 2015 Dineo spent around R1,700 per month.


Howard is a university student who had the same contract for the past six years, only ever upgrading to get the newest smartphone. Howard’s usage is fairly average and at the start of 2015 he spent an average of R800 per month.

Tariffic’s “perfect picks” for these users are detailed in the table and infographic below.

Tariffic’s Perfect Package Tracker Q2 – 2015
User Package Price
Chris Telkom Smart One-Rate R335 pm
Susanne Cell C Infinity Select R839 pm
Dineo Cell C Chatmore 400 R539 pm
Howard Cell C ChatMore 200 R498 pm

Click on the image below to enlarge it.

Tariffic package tracker - Q2 2015
Tariffic package tracker – Q2 2015

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Cheapest and best cellphone contracts in South Africa