Best and worst prepaid mobile data prices in South Africa

Over the past two years many new players, including Internet service providers and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), entered the mobile data market.

In the ISP market, users can now purchase mobile data from Afrihost, Axxess, MWEB, and Vox Telecom.

MVNO me&you mobile also launched mobile data products this year, with prices ranging between R25 for 100MB of data and R300 for a 5GB bundle.

Most of the ISPs and MVNOs offer prepaid and month-to-month data packages. This raises the question: Who offers the best deal?

The table below shows how ISP and MVNO mobile data prices compare to the established mobile operators’ offerings.

Prepaid mobile data
Data provider Contract type Network Data bundle Price
Vox Telecom Prepaid MTN 250MB R29
Telkom Prepaid Telkom 250MB R39
Vodacom Prepaid Vodacom 250MB R59
Afrihost Month-to-month MTN 500MB R29
Axxess Month-to-month MTN 500MB R29
MWEB Month-to-month Cell C 500MB R39
Vox Telecom Prepaid MTN 500MB R59
Telkom Prepaid Telkom 500MB R69
Cell C Prepaid Cell C 500MB R85
Vodacom Prepaid Vodacom 500MB R99
me&you mobile Month-to-month Cell C 500MB R125
Axxess Month-to-month MTN 1GB R57
Afrihost Month-to-month MTN 1GB R58
MWEB Month-to-month Cell C 1GB R69
Vox Telecom Prepaid MTN 1GB R89
Telkom Prepaid Telkom 1GB R99
Vodacom Prepaid Vodacom 1GB R149
Cell C Prepaid Cell C 1GB R149
me&you mobile Month-to-month Cell C 1GB R150
Axxess Month-to-month MTN 2GB R98
MWEB Month-to-month Cell C 2GB R99
Afrihost Month-to-month MTN 2GB R99
Telkom Prepaid Telkom 2GB R139
Vox Telecom Prepaid MTN 2GB R145
MTN Prepaid MTN 2GB R160
Cell C Prepaid Cell C 2GB R245
Vodacom Prepaid Vodacom 2GB R249
me&you mobile Month-to-month Cell C 2GB R250
Afrihost Month-to-month MTN 3GB R145
Axxess Month-to-month MTN 3GB R147
Vox Telecom Prepaid MTN 3GB R149
MWEB Month-to-month Cell C 3GB R169
Telkom Prepaid Telkom 3GB R199
Vodacom Prepaid Vodacom 3GB R299
Cell C Prepaid Cell C 3GB R299
Axxess Month-to-month MTN 5GB R246
Afrihost Month-to-month MTN 5GB R247
Vox Telecom Prepaid MTN 5GB R297
MWEB Month-to-month Cell C 5GB R299
Telkom Prepaid Telkom 5GB R299
me&you mobile Month-to-month Cell C 5GB R300
Vodacom Prepaid Vodacom 5GB R399
Cell C Prepaid Cell C 5GB R399

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Best and worst prepaid mobile data prices in South Africa