Cell C’s 21 Mbps network update

Cell C CEO Lars Reichelt today gave an update on their HSPA+ network rollout.  The company has been rolling out an HSPA+ 900 network over the last few months which will support its imminent 21 Mbps mobile broadband offerings.

Reichelt explained that their network is based on world leading software defined radio technology, is a full IP network, supports speeds of up to 21 Mbps and is designed for latency of less than 80 ms.

The Cell C CEO added that their 900 MHz HSPA+ network provides far better coverage than 2100 MHz HSPA+ rollouts, and further improves in-building penetration.  “HSPA+ 900 allows for a 10DB to 20DB gain when compared to UMTS 2100,” said Reichelt.

Reichelt said that their network gives them the freedom to use UMTS 2100 in areas where more capacity is needed which means that the Cell C network provides them with more flexibility and bandwidth than their competitors.

To date Cell C has rolled out over 1300 HSPA+ 900 transmitters with a fibre backbone and IP access secured.  The company also has SEACOM online with a backup service.

The company is planning to have over 30% of the South African population covered with HSPA+ 900 by the end of the year.

Reichelt added that they currently have hundreds of friendly users testing the service in six cities with encouraging results.

The company is planning a city by city launch of its mobile broadband services, and Reichelt explained that they will learn from each rollout to improve future rollouts.

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Cell C’s 21 Mbps network update