Virgin Mobile cuts prepaid call rate

Virgin Mobile recently launched a 2SIM Starter Pack, and reduced its prepaid voice call tariff from R1.29 per minute, to 99c per minute.

As the name suggests, Virgin Mobile’s new starter pack includes two SIMs: one for standard mobile usage, the other a data SIM.

The data SIM is for use in a tablet, dongle, router, or other mobile data device where voice calling is not needed.

“This way you can get connected on all of your mobile devices with one account and one recharge balance,” said Virgin Mobile.

“When you recharge, both of your SIMs will automatically be topped up with airtime. Share your data across both of your smart devices.”

Virgin Mobile’s prepaid package still includes the My Bonus, Group Bonus, and Sunday Bonus rewards. One change is that voice minutes are now available as a My Bonus reward option.

The details of Virgin Money’s prepaid package are summarised in the tables below.


Virgin Mobile Prepaid Rates
Per-second billing/minute SMS MMS Data/MB
R0.99 50c 75c 99c

Bonuses applicable on recharges

All Virgin Mobile prepaid bundles are valid for 60 days, and receive either the My Bonus, or My Bonus and Group Bonus rewards.

Airtime bundles are available in the following denominations.

Virgin Mobile Bonus
Recharge Amount Bonus
R5 My Bonus
R10 My Bonus
R20 My and Group Bonus
R30 My and Group Bonus
R50 My and Group Bonus
R100 My and Group Bonus
R250 My and Group Bonus
R500 My and Group Bonus

My Bonus

My Bonus rewards give users bonus data, SMS messages, or talk time with every recharge. Users can change which reward they want to receive every 30 days by dialling *108#.

The validity of the bonus data or text messages is dependent on the initial recharge value – as shown below.

My Bonus
Recharge Amount Free Data/SMS Validity
R5 5MB/SMS or 2 minutes 3 Days
R10 10MB/SMS or 4 minutes 3 Days
R20 20MB/SMS or 8 minutes 7 Days
R30 30MB/SMS or 10 minutes 7 Days
R50 50MB/SMS or 16 minutes 7 Days
R100 100MB/SMS or 35 minutes 14 Days
R250 500MB/SMS or 150 minutes 14 Days
R500 1000MB/SMS or 300 minutes 14 Days

Group Bonus

Group Bonus gifts users’ friends with free data when the user recharges with R20 or more.

While the users can choose whether they want bonus text messages or data when they recharge, Group Bonus friends will only receive free data.

Three friends can be selected every time your recharge. To set up the group, dial *108#.

Group Bonus
Recharge Amount User Bonus Group Bonus Validity
R20 20MB/SMS 5MB 1 Day
R30 30MB/SMS 5MB 1 Day
R50 50MB/SMS 10MB 1 Day
R100 100MB/SMS 20MB 1 Day
R250 500MB/SMS 20MB 1 Day
R500 1000MB/SMS 20MB 1 Day

Sunday Bonus

The Sunday bonus will see users receive 20% of their recharge for the proceeding week as free airtime on Sunday – which can be used for calls, text messages, or data.

For example: If you recharge with R20 during the week, you will get R4 on Sunday for the day, for free.

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Virgin Mobile cuts prepaid call rate