Mobile HD Voice networks grow

A report published today by the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) confirms that the number of commercial mobile HD Voice networks has reached double figures.

According to the report, HD Voice service is now commercially launched on 10 mobile networks in Asia, Europe, and MEA in the following 9 countries: Armenia, Belgium, Egypt, France, India, Moldova, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Mobile HD Voice is based on the AMR (Adaptive Multi Rate) Wideband technology (W-AMR) and is standardized by 3GPP, enabling high-quality voice calls in mobile networks and an improved user experience.

It provides significantly higher voice quality for calls between mobile phones supporting the feature, and can be implemented in GSM and WCDMA (UMTS) networks. The first mobile HD Voice service was launched in September 2009.

The higher audio quality of HD Voice improves the call experience and allows people to better share feelings, do business and communicate information. HD voice helps operators to clearly differentiate their offerings and can enable high quality services to voice-dependent business like call center services, information services, emergency services etc.

Alan Hadden, President of GSA said: “HD Voice on mobile networks is taking off around the world. Several more operators are trialling or deploying the HD Voice feature on their networks. There is also a good choice and availability of HD Voice-capable phones already on the market today. Several more HD Voice network launches are expected in the coming months.”

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Mobile HD Voice networks grow