Best and worst cellphone contract cancellation fees in South Africa

Tariffic has released its quarterly Perfect Package Tracker, with this quarter’s report focussed on contract termination fees.

“Based on our analysis, we found that Vodacom was usually the most expensive when it comes to cancellation fees,” said Tariffic.

Vodacom was the most expensive in 3 out of 4 cases, followed by MTN – while Cell C and Telkom were usually the cheapest.

The cancellation fee that users pay is based on a number of factors, including:

  • How long is left on your contract
  • How much you’re paying monthly
  • How much the cellphone that you received with your contract costs
  • In some cases, an admin fee is charged

Often the most substantial part of this calculation is the paying back of the cost of your handset, said Tariffic.

“It may seem obvious, but you will pay a lot less to cancel your contract as you get closer to your contract expiry.”

Tariffic found that regardless of the contract, it’s not cheap to cancel it.

“The fees you would have to pay for early cancellation show exactly how much you are spending on your cellphone contracts over your contract period. It may not seem too bad on a monthly basis, but it really does add up.”

The graphic below details the report’s findings.

Tariffic Perfect Package Tracker - Q2 2016 scenarios

Tariffic Perfect Package Tracker - Q2 2016 data

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Best and worst cellphone contract cancellation fees in South Africa