Shock MTN price hikes – consumer backlash

MTN has informed contract subscribers they will pay more for their voice calls and data from 1 August 2016.

The changes which will kick in next month are significant hikes in tariffs and big decreases in value across many of MTN’s contract packages.

MTN has also introduced a new default plan for MTN PayAsYouGo users called MTN Base, with a call rate of R1.50 per minute and a data rate of R1.50 per MB.

MTN Base replaces MTN Pay Per Second as the default plan, which has a call rate of 79c per minute and a standard data rate of 99c per MB.

These changes did not go down well with consumers.

The MyBroadband forums and the MTN South Africa Facebook page were packed with messages slating the operator for its decision.

MTN has proven Darwin’s theory to be wrong – evolution CAN go backwards it would seem. How do you remain “relevant and competitive” by increasing the price of services that your competitors are constantly reducing? Is this Nigerian economics at play?


MTN customer for 20 years, worked for them for 5 years. Good Bye, you have just lost all my contracts. I know you won’t care, but hey if everyone votes with their feet how are you going to pay your millions in bonuses … oh yes … you don’t care.


Wow, talk about screwing your customer for idiotic mistakes you make in other countries. Hope their customers move away in droves.


This approach from MTN is absolutely thoughtless. Feel for their customers though.


Can you please explain to me how you justify a 25% increase on the voice rates? Inflation is below 6%! And then you reduce the carryover from 5 times to 2 times!


Call rates increasing by as much as 40%? Carryover minutes reduced by more than half? Well done MTN for screwing your customers. I’ve been on your network for over 15 years! Well suffice to say I’ll be leaving as soon as my contracts are done. You’re no better than government and eToll, screwing everyone because of your stuff up in Nigeria.


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Shock MTN price hikes – consumer backlash